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And i know he loves Islam he teaches the little kids how to read the Quran and he some times leads prayer. And i wouldn't want him doing anything hadram by speaking to me again or even having the possibility that we might go back to being friends. And i am still in the same place as i was last time. Not knowing what to do. I am so confused as to pertaining to Islam and our situation.

What I said before if you read my reply again but let me quote it "Unless you guys are married, it's not cool.

Islam doesn't approve of this because when you're ready to commit to a relationship it should be for a spouse that you want to spend the rest of your life with. At such a young age, that might not be something you can grasp yet. You want to explore, you want to have fun and be free. It takes maturity and discipline to get to that level.

In regards to this situation I would like to add that since you have strong feelings for him and aren't feeling closure, again you're still very young and at that age it's easy to get infatuated with people. The best I can tell you is to just better understand what Islam is all about. This boy that you were flirting with may have his own issues he needs to work out so it's best to give him some space. Maybe one day he'll reach out to you, or maybe it's best to just move on. I don't really understand because Islam is telling you that you have to marry a random stranger and spend the rest of your life with them acting akward etc I know that islam is based on intention and fornication is what you are punished for if kissing leads the person to fornication and they think they will do it then they should get married also zina is love and not lust if you love somebody you wouldn't have sex with them before marrige and if you love them and value them you would get to know them first before marrige also you can also say fornication is what you are punished for not kissing or hugging.

I agree to you, hope there's a lot of people there that would also learn more on your blog. Thanks a lot Kim. I will definitely keep on churning out articles to the best of my ability.

I'm a Teenager & in Love with a Guy | About Islam

Feel free to share with your friends and spread the word! Like PhilAsify on Facebook! Man I really enjoyed this. I'm a Muslim and I know that I really like this girl. I want her to technically be my girlfriend. I know for a fact I wouldn't have sex until I am married. I wouldn't touch her or really hold her hand, probably just hug her occasionally which isn't sexual at all. We would always have supervision if we were to be "hanging out".

So in reality it's just a title. The boyfriend and girlfriend thing. Shouldn't that be allowed? Thanks for the comment. My take on what you said echoes what the article said: Why walk that fine line? Why not just take the safer route and pursue her the halal way rather than the iffy way where you're always wondering in the back of your mind if you're doing things right or not. Wondering if Allah will be pleased with the way you're handling things or not?

Cause the way Islam is, the option is not "hanging out" with a girl you like, it's marrying the girl to avoid any premarital hanky panky. A hug again may seem innocent but it can trigger the need for more contact. Shaitan always wants things to escalate. He wants hangouts with friends to be hangouts alone with the girl, he wants hugs to rush into kisses, he wants kisses to rush into sex.

But he gets no satisfaction when that guy and girl are married cause it's all good deeds then. Kissing is suddenly a good deed, touching, holding all of it is not a sin anymore and that'll piss him off but most importantly: If you really like this girl enough to see if she can be your mate then go that route. Ideally, you'd go to her parents and let them know your interest and court her. Get your parents involved, set something up, get to know eachother a little better through talking and if you guys click then don't hesitate and get married. Doesn't matter if you're young, still a student and broke because I got married young 21 , still a student college sophomore and broke lived with my mom and dad!

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But the sunnah is to marry young! I really enjoyed your article. The biggest losers in this dating game are women, many men just date and take attention from them without taking their responsibility of future. Good men will always go the right way by sending proposal and getting married. May Allah guide us!. Getting the perspective of a young person like u on this topic is truly inspiring. I don't feel alone anymore. I like this guy and he likes me.

His religion doesnt let him date ag a young age. How old do u have to be to start dating.

Im assuming he's Muslim since you posted this on an article regarding to Dating and Muslims. The age for dating shouldn't matter. Ideally he isn't supposed to date in the modern sense at all. Courting is getting to know eachother and hanging out to see if you are compatible but with supervision so you don't get into kissing and other intimate things, saving it for marriage. If marriage is not on your mind right now but you like this guy, I suggest you just lay off of him and wait until you're older and more mature to come back to thinking about marriage. Dating isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Why can only males marry non Muslims? Seems unfair to me.

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Is the love of a women not the same as a man's? Are we not all equals? What's the difference of a man and a women or a christian and a Muslim? Do we not all believe in the same god?

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I'm not a scholar but from what I've learned the main reason is the preservation of the child's faith. But it's really a lot more complex than that so I'll link you to a website that dives into the questions you had very comprehensively. I really don't know. Again just based off of my opinion there would just be a clash of faiths when marrying someone from a different religion. A Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim Male may have difficulties keeping and following her religion.

Her husband may want her to eventually convert to his faith, or would want her not to pray, or to stop wearing the headscarf and to serve and pork and alcohol. It'd just be a messy situation for the most part which in general is why most of the time interfaith marriages don't work out. I'd check that article out again that I linked because it answers it way better than I could.

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What happens if we did all this already. Not going sexual but hugging and holding hands. Is there any chance of forgivenes. I'm ready to stop everything.