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She blamed her assumption of a crash on a very vivid dream. Sanchez went on Facebook and posted what many considered to be a threat earlier this year. She told people to stay away, listing the exact date of May 12, Her exact words concluding the post were, " Don't say I didn't warn you. Sanchez was informed that she would be able to attend DragCon as long as she gave a sincere apology.

Pearl (drag queen)

Instead, Sanchez refused, saying that she had already apologized and would not do so again. Tatianna spoke out about Sanchez's attitude. Tatianna went on to claim that Sanchez would not have had any fans show up to see her at the convention, anyway. RuPaul's Drag Race is constantly controversial. Sometimes its over the drama between the contestants. Sometimes fans get up in arms over the chosen winner. Following backlash against a controversial segment titled "Female or Shemale", former contestant Carmen Carrera lent her own voice to the fray, speaking out about the use of the offensive language.

The segment depicted judges attempting to decide whether photos of body parts belonged to cisgender or transgender women. The producers of the show addressed the backlash in a sort of apology, but didn't actually mention the segment in their apology.

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Instead, execs said that they were in support of the transgender community and that they were dedicated to spreading love and support. However, Carrera didn't feel like it was enough to make up for the offense that was caused. Carrera spoke out about the use of the term, saying that judging women of any kind in this manner was " getting old. Monica Beverly Hillz also chided RuPaul on the use of the language, stating that it was not "cute" and that she has constantly fought to be accepted as a woman. However, in , Sexton was appalled by the behavior of an unidentified season 9 contestant, and she let the internet know exactly what was on her mind.

Sexton began by commending the many professionals she has worked with over the years, stating that most of them have been nothing but kind, courteous, and accommodating According to Sexton, some of the contestants were late to an event, demanded drivers pay for multiple restaurant visits, demanded police protection, and refused to meet and greet with fans, among other things. She wanted these ladies to understand that, while it's important to have standards, it's also important to remain humble.

She also warned these contestants that people would eventually forget their costumes and performances, but that their attitudes would be forever. Carmen Carrera has always been very vocal and honest about the harassment that she has received over being transgender. Her experience has led to her becoming an activist and fighting for the rights of the people in that community. RuPaul went on the offensive, saying that people offended by the use of the language needed to " get stronger. Bianca Del Rio felt it necessary to come to RuPaul's defense Del Rio made a disparaging remark about Carrera's nether regions, implying she may be able to stifle her words with a specific body part.

Carrera took it all in stride. Del Rio later apologized via Twitter for her offensive remarks, joking that she fired herself from her own joke writing team. Most of the time, when drama surrounds a reality TV series, it's the fans backlashing against the cast or crew, or it's the cast and crew backlashing against each other. Season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez has always been accused of being aggressive and, at times, even violent.

Sanchez tweeted that she had " no sympathy " toward those chose to end their lives. She referred to those people as "cowards" and accused them of giving up. The former contestant then told her followers to stop talking to her about the issue. The alleged tweet was said to have been deleted. Sanchez received a lot of backlash over the remarks, with many followers turning away from her. Unfortunately, this also opened her up to trolls-- and there have been many. Carrera doesn't shield herself from this negativity, however.

The model says that she reads comments online, even the negative ones, so that she can better defend the transgender community. Carrera is frequently told by both men and women and that she will never actually be a woman because she doesn't menstruate or look like Kim Kardashian, despite having had successful gender reassignment surgery.

Sometimes that trolling extends to more "professional" settings. Carrera refuses to think about these harmful remarks too much. She does admit that they make her feel insecure at times, but overall, she's very confident in her makeup skills and her new persona. The model said she understands that there are a lot of people hesitant to accept the transgender community and she has made it a priority to help teach acceptance to the next generation. After O'Hara sent out a Snapchat claiming that Raven, a fan-favorite who only made it as far as runner-up, was a "winner," Sanchez apparently felt the need to point out her own "actual" win.

O'Hara was having none of this negativity and tried to speak with Sanchez privately about the posts in question.

Sanchez went off on O'Hara, claiming that it was her fault that she was being bombarded with racist remarks over the Raven Snapchat in her inbox. O'Hara defended herself, claiming that she had been attempting to turn negativity into art by creating a "Raven was robbed" poster.

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The two could not see eye to eye over these events, and O'Hara decided to tweet screenshots of the conversation with Sanchez in which Sanchez started to rant, claiming that O'Hara had no talent and was addicted to illegal substances. O'Hara's followers supported her decision to air the conversation publicly, indicating that Sanchez needed to be put in her place for behavior.

This woman tried detoxing her vagina —and we feel pretty weird about it - HelloGiggles

Asia loved her time at the DragCon. She loved reconnecting with old friends, taking pictures with them, and visiting their booths to say hello.

Asia let out her frustrations on Twitter, stating that an unnamed "season 10 sister" was simply " too grand " to reconnect with her. Some claimed that season 6 winner, Bianca Del Rio, had confirmed that Eureka was not a very pleasant person offscreen. She then apologized for any inconvenience and harassment that this may have caused Eureka and asked that followers refrain from attacking her former co-star on a personal level.

Shea Van Horn Interviews PEARL

Asia then took on some of the blame, admitted that feelings were hurt and perhaps the situation could have been handled in a more professional manner. Asia then promised to be the first in line to get a picture with Eureka at the next convention in New York. It happened when Belli and Courtney Act were answering questions from viewers during a segment of the program.

Fans expect a certain amount of cattiness, as jabs at the viewers' looks are a common factor in the segment. One viewer asked for advice about dating a transgender man, as she wasn't sure that she would be comfortable with his body. Belli claimed that surgery " doesn't change chromosomes " before referencing the violent demise of Brandon Teena, hinting that there was some "bamboozling" going on.

Belli claimed that without medical assistance, a transgender person would not fully be whatever gender they identified as. Act immediately spoke up against the comments, saying that they were transphobic, but Belli doubled down on her assertions. Act continued by stating that the viewer was simply dating a trans man, regardless of whichever body parts he has at the moment.

She also stated that the viewer's boyfriend deserved respect and condemned offensive language being used to describe him. Act chided Belli, telling her that she had no right to determine how someone else identifies. The break up was less than amicable. When a Reddit user asked if the group had broken up, and pointed to an update on Detox's Facebook page as proof, Belli stepped in.

Detox had mentioned nobody liking working with an unnamed person, and Belli admitted that it seemed obvious that she was the person in question. She then posted the lyrics to a Destiny's Child song, referencing the fact that that band had broken up in the end. Detox kept up the shade, claiming that being in DWV had hurt her popularity.

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Willam revealed that she and Vox were working on projects away from the rest of the band. Vox finally chimed in, stating that when they had finished their final gigs the band members would be going their separate ways. According to Willam, the entire break up was really just because they didn't have any gigs planned for the future and they had never really planned out their careers in the first place.