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Dan smiled and kissed Runo, she kissed him back. They broke apart 3 minutes later.

Runo Misaki

They gazed into each other's eyes for a minute. Runo gasped and pointed towards the sky. Dan looked up and saw the comet sailing across a blanket of stars. It was a beautiful sight. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Dan got a call from Julie, he picked up the call. Where in the park? J- Near the lake. D- Ok J- Bye!

Are dan and runo still dating in mechtanium surge

Julie hangs up the call. Dan calls Runo to the park and hung up without passing further information. Once she reached there: Well, we could… but the restaurant its already closed Dan: I am so,sorry, but lets have some dinner Runo: I got my moments, wait, there is something more- he turns on a switch- Planetarium: Its ok cutie After they Finished to eat- Dan: Dan, baby, this has being the best date of my life- she kisses him, continuing the passionate kiss the had stopped- End Next time!

The one with all the jelousy. The New Girl 2. New Friends, New Enemies 3. End Of The Day 5. A Big Fight 8.

Bakugan DanXRuno´s Bestest Moments Part 1

Dan didn't get a present for Runo's birthday and she was mad act him. Drago sighed at his friend, "I have no clue I don't understand human emotions. Dan turned around and saw Runo running towards him.

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  8. Dan blushed when he saw she was just in her pajama's. Wanna go to a movie tomorrow?

    He nodded and the bluenette smiled at him. Pick me up at seven?

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    Runo stood there in a daze. Dan had just kissed her on the forehead and she was still in shock. Dan woke up and couldn't see Drago, "Drago? When he got downstairs he saw his mom was doing yoga with Drago. Miyoko turned and saw Dan, "Hey Daniel! Shun helped Dan up and they went t arena. Marucho looked at the screen. Shun and Dan nodded. Marucho looked at Dan.